T-Rex Making the Bed

Sometimes we just need to shift our perspective. Stop complaining. Realize we don’t have it as bad as we could.

When I was 19 years old, I attended my first huge political convention of sorts: CPAC in Washington D.C. Walking around the exhibit hall, I got lost in the maze of conservative displays. I stopped at a booth for some tax reform organization. The man at the booth engaged me in friendly conversation, and after several minutes of laughing and smiling, with a grin still on his face, he asked, “Don’t you think we need to get away from our current tax system and move to a flat tax?”

I responded, “Anything would be better than what we’ve got.”

The man’s face fell. His eyes remained kind, but they narrowed in seriousness. “No, that’s not true,” he told me. “It could be a lot worse. It is a lot worse for almost everyone else in the world.”

I felt snotty, petulant, and exposed. And I was. The man taught me a lot about perspective.

One thought on “T-Rex Making the Bed

  1. Patti Porter says:

    You choice of adverbs/adjectives in the last sentence captured exact feelings well. And it is so easy to be flippant and shallow with our thoughts and responses. We should give time for reflection before we speak about a plethora of issues and questions.
    Thanks for sharing your experience, Jake, and the maxim that it reveals.

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