The All-Knowing God Knows All About Me (Psalm 139)

Verses 1-6
Lord, you are everywhere, always.
You are with me everywhere, always.
You know my every move before I make it,
My every word before I say it,
My every thought before I think it.
No matter where I go, you have gone there ahead of me.

Verses 7-12
I could not run from you, Lord, if I tried.
There is no place where you are not:
Highest mountain, the lowest valley.
There is no time when you are not:
Dawn, noonday, dusk, night.
Light of your glory shines as an eternal day.

Verses 13-16
You created my life, gave me existence.
Lord, your fingers knit me together.
You made me who I am, exactly as you pleased.
You’ve known since before I was.
You sustain my life, determine my days.
I do not fear a day of death,
For life is given and taken by you alone.

Verses 17-18
I’ll never know all the ways you care for me,
Provide and plan for me,
Protect and preserve me.
They are too infinite to count.

Verses 19-22
I love what you love and hate what you hate.
Protect me from evil men, keep me from them.
Let them not gain ground over me.
You are with them, too.
Their lives are in your hands, too.
Save me from every scheme of the enemy.

Verses 23-24
Lord, protect me from myself, as well.
Search me, for you know me best.
Show me where I have sinned.
Convict my heart and grant me repentance.
Lead me from you, in you,
By you, through you, to you, forevermore.

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