More Jesus

When I wake up to a new day, let Jesus lead me.
When I rest my head at night, may I know the Prince of Peace.
When I smile at those I meet, let the Beloved Son give me love.
When I cry with those who hurt, may I have his compassion.

When the sun warms my face, let Jesus warm my soul.
When a breeze chills my skin, may the Spirit of Jesus stir within.
When I want what I don’t have, let my Elder Brother show me our inheritance.
When I have what I don’t want, let the King of kings’s reign assure.

When my heart soars with joy, let me praise Jesus more.
When my spirit cries in pain, may I gaze upon the Crucified.
When I feel confident in my tasks, may I be standing on the Rock.
When I feel insufficient to answer the call, let Jesus be my strength.

When I am too timid to be known, let Jesus’ love cast out fear.
When my desires overwhelm, may Jesus be my treasure.
When silence stills my prayers, let the merciful High Priest intercede.
When my thoughts will not be stilled, may the Word speak his peace.

When I fall into self-pity, let Jesus open my eyes.
When I forget my dependence, may I be pruned of all but the True Vine.
When my burdens weigh me down, let me take up Jesus’ yoke.
When I have no words to comfort, may the fragrance of Jesus fill the air.

When I stand up, let me feel closer to Jesus.
When I sit down on my couch, may I be sitting at his feet.
When I enter into my office, may Jesus be my Boss.
When I walk my dog at night, let me remember the path of Jesus’ will.

When I fill my lungs with air, may Jesus fill my heart.
When I drink a glass of water, let Jesus satisfy my thirst.
When I break bread with my friends, may Jesus fellowship with us.
And when I’m all alone at night, let Jesus remind me,
“I’ll never leave you, never forsake you. I am with you always.”

More Jesus, always, in all ways.
More Jesus, every day, everywhere.
More love for, more hope of, more joy in Jesus.
More faith, more trust, more assurance, more certainty.
More Jesus. Please, more Jesus.

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